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Taken from canon descriptions, here is a brief synopsis of Yuuka:
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I humbly request that you would please fill this out for your characters, so that I know what my limits are OOCly and can either minimize IC contact with Yuuka avoid direct confrontations with her, or otherwise make arrangements for everyday playing. If there are specific plots you need a villainesque character for, or your character is antsy and just wants a fight, please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I'd be glad to work something out! (the "other" is for complicated answers, such as "violence is okay, but please no dismemberment" or "eyeballs squick me out" etc.)

Can Yuuka insult/berate/tease your character? Y/N/other
What about physical violence or dueling? Y/N/other
What about extreme violence / fatal wounds? Y/N/other
Is killing your character allowed? Y/N/other
Desecrating the body? (Youkai gotta eat, y'know...) Y/N/other
What about "bad-touching"**? Y/N/other

**This will amount to possessive kissing, groping, invasions of personal space, and maybe biting and clawing.

Yuuka has no mind for sexual relations or romance. Even for characters of legal age I do not want to play out anything non-consensual unless the other party is clear on what that entails and CR builds towards it!

Please keep in mind that sexual harassment is unlikely to be an issue with characters who do not at least appear to be young women (16~17) or older, no matter what their given age is. Or vice-versa.


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